Equipment List

Day Kayak Tour Basics:

1. Snorkel gear in mesh bag. I will gladly provide it if you don't have it. Let me know! Prescription masks are available for rental in Kailua-Kona
2. Wide-brimmed light colored sun hat with dark under brim. A baseball cap does not provide adequate protection for ears and neck.
3. Dark polarized sunglasses with retainer strap.
4. Sunscreen (30spf) (waterproof) and lip screen
5. Large personal Water Bottle filled with water-One liter.
6. Long-sleeve white or light shirt. Check out the Salvation Army for this one, or invest wisely in an SPF protective nylon shirt!
7. Long Nylon shorts to wear in boat and as bathing suit
8. Ocean water shoes or strapped foot ware
9. Sarong or towel to throw over legs if you have fair skin
10. Plastic bag with towel and clothes to change into

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